One-to-One Workshops
Three individual full-day courses
Days commence at 10 am and run till c. 5 pm. 
Tea and coffee supplied throughout day; bring you own lunch.
Complete set of course notes supplied for both days.
GBP 65 per day to cover full course notes etc. Cost can be shared with another participant if you wish.

(1) Getting to know and use your digital SLR camera

This DSLR day will help you understand their features and controls so you can get the best from your camera.

After a brief introduction, the morning will be spent out taking pictures, concentrating on experimenting with all the controls and also on composing a good picture. After lunch, time will be spent reviewing your pictures and then you will be shown how Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop (or Elements) can help fix and improve your images.

Possible subjects: tailored to your requirements

Getting the correct exposure.
Use of Aperture and Shutter-priority modes
ISO settings, tripods and shutterspeeds
The pros and cons of wide angle, telephoto and zoom lenses and when and how to use them.
The effect the f number setting on depth of field and composition.

A brief introduction to Lightroom/Photoshop/Elements

(2) Digital Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop or Elements

A whole day course introducing the main features of digital editing. After practice on supplied images, you will be encouraged to use your own images to fix problems and get creative.
Summary of Course
Introduction to the Working Environment: The Toolbox, Document Sizes, Zooming and Navigation techniques, Colour Modes 
File Formats: Understanding jpg, tiff and raw file types 
Basic Adjustments: Cropping and Rotating images, Basic Colour Correction, Adjusting Contrast and Brightness, Levels dialog box, Understanding Histograms 
Painting and Editing: Brush tool, Changing Brush size and hardness, Eraser tool 
Selecting Colours: Set Foreground and Background colours, Color Picker dialog box, Eyedropper tool, Color and Swatches palettes 
Making Selections: Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee techniques, Transform selections, Lasso, Polygon Lasso, Magnetic Lasso tools, Magic Wand tool, Feathering, Inverse selections 
Removing Unwanted Detail: Clone Stamp tool, Healing Brush tool, Patch tool 
Layers - Creating and Selecting Layers, Masks on adjustment layers and Creating masks, Merge and Flatten Layer Options, Layer Opacity 
Sharpening: Unsharp mask, High pass filter 
Raw Conversion: suitable software etc 
Digital Monochrome: Overview of techniques

(3) Basic Lightroom

Learn how to setup your Lightroom catalogue and import photos from your camera or card reader. You will also learn how to add all your existing images into the catalogue.
We will then look at the various Cataloguing and Sorting options provided by Lightroom.
An essential feature of Lightroom is RAW (or JPEG) image processing so we will go over this in as much detail as your require. 
We will also cover Exporting images to other applications or for emailing, web or third-party printing
If time we can also look at the Printing module