• Paxton Survey - Sanctuary - I did a survey of the sanctuary and the Meadow along side it on Thursday as I could't go on Saturday.Here are some of the more confiding insect and spide...
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Full Spectrum Photography

In September 2023, I purchased a Panasonic camera that has been converted for Full-spectrum Infrared Photography and have spent some time exploring the world as this camera sees it. The yellows and reds are strongly recorded but greens are washed out giving gentler images. See Gallery of Full Spectrum Images

Selection of London Images

Images from trips to London over the last few years concentrating on after-dark photography:- Gallery:  London Night Photography

Toft Wildflowers

Last year I recorded all the wildflowers in my garden and will attempt this year to fill in an extra species missed previously or new arrivals. These are done on a lightbox with top lighting.